Monthly Archives: February 2023

Something Stirring

Amidst ongoing speculation regarding the future use of Elm Court following the failure of the illusory “Travaasa” scheme to attract a single dollar of investment, and subsequent sale to Linda S. Law, we read the recent report in the Berkshire Edge with interest, particularly the closing paragraph:

“In the press release by Lefkowitz, she wrote that both Law and Peiser were considering opening a luxury resort. During their interview, however, both Law and Lefkowitz would not say what their plans for the property would be. “We have something stirring up that I think is going to happen, but I can’t talk about it yet,” Law said. “It is something that will be remarkable for the community. It’s something that is very special and no one else has thought of. I think that we don’t need another wellness and health spa, I can tell you that. Even though everyone wants to do health and wellness, we’ve got plenty in the community. We’re looking at some interesting alternatives. My background has always been in public-private partnerships, always. It has to make everyone happy. But of course, that never happens. But I want both sides happy, not just one.” Law added, ‘I think what we’re cooking up is going to be a killer.’ “

We agree that the last thing Lenox/Stockbridge needs is yet another luxury “wellness” resort, given that all of the existing options are operating way below capacity. The neighborhood would  wholeheartedly welcome and support the sort of creative public/private (and possibly non-profit?) use Ms. Law seems to be hinting at.

As we have noted before, there is precedent for such creative, transformative use of previous Gilded Age Vanderbilt mansions, north on Route 7: Shelburne Farms.